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Manufacturer DAEWOO

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Brand Part code Description Price
DAEWOO 96353002 Gasket, cylinder head cover
DAEWOO 93741069
DAEWOO 93185674 Oil Filter
DAEWOO 96879797 Oil Filter
DAEWOO 55354237 Gasket, cylinder head cover
DAEWOO 90499401 Tensioner Pulley, timing belt
DAEWOO 92060868 Air filter element
DAEWOO 96350550 Tensioner, timing belt
DAEWOO 94580413 Shaft Seal, crankshaft
DAEWOO 90235040 Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush
DAEWOO 96181318 Gasket, cylinder head cover
DAEWOO 94580083 Gasket, cylinder head cover
DAEWOO 90129204
DAEWOO 96350526 Deflection/Guide Pulley, timing belt
DAEWOO 93742707
DAEWOO 24405911
DAEWOO 96405129 Brake Pad Set, disc brake
DAEWOO 93742293 Piston Ring Kit
DAEWOO 96391434 Gasket, cylinder head
DAEWOO 96211948 Ignition Cable Kit