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Manufacturer Michelin


Country Of Origin: France
Assortment of product lines: car tires.

Brand history:
In 1829 Edward Daubry married a young Scottish woman, Elizabeth Barker, the niece of a scientist named Mackintosh, who was the first to discover that rubber dissolves in benzene. He coated the fabric with this solution, thus initiating the manufacture of the first rubberized raincoats, still sometimes called "mackintoshes". Elizabeth quickly realized the possibilities of such technology and began making inflatable balloons and balls for her children to play with. At the same time, after watching the antics of kids with balls and balls, two cousins – Nicholas Edward Daubry and Aristide Barbier - decided to develop the idea and organized a tiny factory for the production of rubber products in the town of Clermont-Ferrand. On May 28, 1889, this company was named Michelin. Eduard Michelin was the first director of this company and so, by chance, immortalized his name in history

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Brand Part code Description Price
Michelin 12266
Michelin 860113
Michelin 245248
Michelin 61438
Michelin 643257
Michelin 12314
Michelin 431141
Michelin 31432
Michelin 811008
Michelin 304862
Michelin 836886
Michelin 694117
Michelin 528313
Michelin 32507
Michelin 32460
Michelin 534679
Michelin 477308
Michelin 903BLK
Michelin 444057
Michelin 990721